Exercise in your own fiberglass swim
spa to stay young.

Swimming Pool Water Treadmill

The BaduStream II Jet System offers many different options in a wide price range all aimed at pleasing a variety of exercise styles and budgets. The system accommodates installation in limited space and varying fiberglass pool wall designs.


  • Flush mounted jet housing.
  • Square anti-entrapment cover provides undetectable suction (8 1/4” x 8 1/4”). (Optional round covers available in the colors black, gray, and white.)
  • Adjustable water flow jet nozzles.
  • Air regulator controls amount of air bubbles in water flow. (black cover available)
  • Control box with GFCI.
  • Speck 4 HP or 3-1/2 HP self-priming, plastic pump. UL Listed, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter required).
  • Pulsating massage hose that can be attached to jet nozzle. (optional)
  • Winter cover kit. (not shown)


The BaduStream II system is normally incorporated into the design, but it can be added to any inground swimming pool at a later date. The BaduStream II has no protruding parts ensuring swimming pool users’ safety.

All BaduStream II systems include control box with air button and 50 ft. air tubing. 4” or 3” plumbing is required, depending upon the package chosen. Read all instructions before installing.



  • Fiberglass Swim Spa shell installation with lifetime warranty
  • Permits and drawings,
  • Building and electrical permit up to $350.00
  • Electrical up to 90’
  • Requires 3 – open breakers – (2-220 & 1-110 GFI)
  • Automatic timer. 24 hour – 220 v
  • GFI outdoor outlet
  • Excavation and soil removal
  • Pea gravel backfill
  • 8” sump crock with removable pump
  • Vacuum system
  • 4’ concrete apron with #3 rebar and wire mesh (cantilever decking Inc.) (white broom finish)
  • Solar and winter cover with water bags.
  • Stainless grab rail and ladder. Cups, anchors and escutcheon rings
  • All plumbing materials and fittings
  • Water delivery
  • Rough grade and site clean up
  • Equipment pads.
  • 4hp. Speck pump
  • Cartridge filter
  • Automatic Chlorine feeder
  • Chemical startup kit
  • Final inspections

2: Badu swim jets complete with one 4hp Speck pump. 208-230V, 19A. 400 GPM @ 14 psi. Control box with GFCI.

The most powerful single jet system available provides the swimmer with an intermediate level of exercise. 4” plumbing required. $3800 - $4000 Installed

4’ Aluminum fencing is additional. $26.00 per lin. Ft.