Making sure your Thursday inground fiberglass swimming pool is properly installed is one of the most important components of your swimming pool buying process. Artistic Development,  fiberglass swimming Pool professionals help to insure you will have a long fiberglass swimming pool life using the following procedures:

  1. The Latham inground fiberglass swimming pool or spa layout is carefully marked for precision.
  2. The dig begins the process for perfection. Artistic Development Fiberglass Pools installs every  in ground fiberglass swimming pool with the owner on site and no sub-contractors.
  3. The Thursday fiberglass swimming pool - spa hole is carefully prepared to achieve proper shape and depth.
  4. Now that the perimeters are correct, the Latham swimming pool is ready to be set in place.
  5. The timely process of filling the Thursday in ground fiberglass swimming pool with water begins.
  6. The proper plumbing and electrical equipment is installed for your fiberglass swimming pool.
  7. The concrete and cantilever decking is poured around the inground fiberglass swimming pool and its foundation.
  8. Your Latham inground fiberglass swimming pool - spa is complete and ready to enjoy!
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Inground Thursday or Latham fiberglass pool shell installation (white)
Remove excavated soil
Fiberglass Swimming Hayward Pool pump - sized
Swimming Pool Filter - sized
Equipment pads - reinforced concrete
Maintenance kit and chemical start up
Manual vacuum system
Automatic chlorine feeder
Automatic timer
Building permit-up to $450.00
Electrical up to 40'
4' Concrete apron with #3 rebar - Cantilever Decking Included
Stainless grab rail and ladder
Solar and winter cover (water bags)
8" sump crock with removable pump
Swimming pool water to fill your swimming pool.
Plumbing materials.
Pea Gravel

Please call for a complete price list or request a free consultation with one of our fiberglass pool designers. 248-889-8483