CL Free "Classic" Latham fiberglass swimming pool System install


The CL Free "Classic" Digital Thursday fiberglass Pool System consists of three components:

  • 3/7/2023
  • The CL Free Digital Computer mounts to the wall or post near the Thursday fiberglass swimming pool equipment and plugs into a standard 110 Volt outlet (NO WIRING NECESSARY). Don't worry about the weather, all our systems come weather resistant.
  • Our See Through Custom Designed Flow Chamber is installed on the return line of the Thursday Fiberglass Swimming Pool after the Filter. The Flow Chamber can be installed horizontally or vertically. We build our Flow Chamber out of "Schedule 80" Commercial Grade PVC which will last many years. No other Company has this product.
  • The CL Free Flow Switch is installed just before the "Flow Chamber".
    When the pump turns off, water pressure drops and our Computer will turn off. When the Latham fiberglass swimming  pool pump turns on and there is water flow, the Computer turns on.


The "Classic" Latham Fiberglass Swimming Pool system can be installed in about one hour or so by a handy home owner.

Direct Factory assistance is available 6 days a week.

Our CL Free "Classic-plus" and the "Ultra" Digital System with Co2 for pH management is more involved, but it is just as simple to install.

Call us for any type of custom installation instructions.

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Cleaning the CL Free Flow Chamber

  1. Carefully remove the four wires from the outside of the Flow Chamber noting that one pair of wires are marked “Titanium” and the other set are marked “Copper”.
  2. Unscrew the hand held unions from the Flow Chamber and slide the Flow Chamber out.
  3. Get a bucket and fill it with 1/3 Muriatic acid 2/3 water.
  4. Mix the acid with water. Keep your face away from the bucket. Use in a well ventilated area. Always protect your eyes.
  5. Remove the Flow Chamber and rinse with water.
  1. If there is a large amount of debris on the Titanium plates, you may use a paint stick or any type of wood to remove the debris. Never use a metal object as it will scratch the plates.
  2. Place the Flow Chamber in the bucket and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Agitate the Flow Chamber after 5 minutes and place it back in the bucket for another 10 minutes.
  3. Re-install the Flow Chamber (lube the gaskets with gasket grease) and connect the wires making sure the Copper goes with the Copper bars (they are labeled) and the Titanium with the Titanium plates. One wire should be on each side of the chamber.