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Inground Leisure Pool Dealer in Milford, Michigan 

Spring break time is here as students and families pack their bags, hit the road or airport and enjoy a fun week of relaxation. But, how truly relaxing is your vacation between the stress of travel plans, little Timmy getting car sick, a hotel that doesn’t meet your expectations and long lines at amusement parks or crowded resort swimming pools? When you own a Leisure swimming pool, you can create your own backyard paradise that meets all the needs of you and your family. We’ve put together a list of the top reasons why a poolside staycation can be better than a vacation.

1. Less Time Wasted Planning

You’re busy: You have a job, responsibilities and may have a lot on your plate. Add to that the time spent researching vacation destinations, finding a hotel or resort and booking plane tickets or planning out your road trip. When you have a staycation, all this planning time goes away, opening you up to more time–time that could be spent on the important things in life, like enjoying your family.

2. Less Time Spent Packing and Preparing

Not only do vacations take planning time, but you also have to pack. This in and of itself is a chore–especially if you have kids or grandchildren. Despite making lists and packing your bags to the brim, inevitably there are always items you forget or wish you had. When you instead opt for a staycation beside your own pool, everything you need is just steps away inside your home. The only things you need to pack are sunscreen and sunglasses.

3. It’s More Peaceful

Envision this: Relaxing in a lounge chair poolside with soft, enjoyable music, a frosty margarita, fresh air and the beautiful scenery of a pool you diligently chose and had landscaped. On a vacation, say at Myrtle Beach or Orlando, you can relax poolside, but you’ll likely have the sounds of screaming children, teenagers or college students partying on spring break, music that isn’t your cup of tea and pool that may or may not be very beautiful–or clean.

4. It Can be Entertaining

If you prefer to have a more entertaining vacation, as opposed to a relaxing vacation, a poolside staycation can still be the way to go. Invite friends and family over for pool parties, host a poolside cocktail party or BBQ, install a waterslide or diving board (if your pool is deep enough), set up a water volleyball net or treat the kids to new pool toys. You’ll be surprised just how entertaining a staycation can be.

5. It’s More Affordable

Installing a Leiusre swimming pool is an expense, but it’s an expense that pays dividends in the value of your home and the enjoyment you receive from it. It also can save you money in vacations. Think how much money can be saved by spending more vacations at home by your pool–probably thousands of dollars each year, if not more.

6. You Can Make It Your Own

One of the wonderful things about buying a pool is that you can make your pool space uniquely your own. If you like vacations to tropical locales, you can turn your pool space into a tropical paradise with landscaping, flowering plants, decorations, tiki torches, a cabana and hammocks. When you spend your day relaxing by your pool, you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean–but without the fuss of having to travel there. It’s like having Barbados right out your door step.


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